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Re: fontconfig 2.2.0 - Ready for review

Hallo Harold,

I missed a point.  What about those who already have XFree86 installed
and do now an install of fontconfig in usr/... then I'll have the libs
and headers duplicated.  Probably it is not and issue because it is
the same version and will be a non-issue after updating the relevant
XFree packages.


>> fontconfig
>> ==========
>> libfontconfig1
>> ==============
>> libfontconfig-devel
>> ===================

> The binary packages:

> + Executables are running.

> - No postinstall script

> - And in the package included (which is wrong, should  be created by a
> postinstall script and only install them if the user has it not in
> place): 
> etc/fonts/
> etc/fonts/fonts.conf
> etc/fonts/fonts.dtd
> etc/fonts/local.conf

> The source package:

> + It configures, builds, ... ok. (The lndir trick is amazing;-)

> - The patch includes the autotools temp directory:
>   fontconfig-2.2.0/autom4te.cache/
> BTW, this should be patched in the generic build-script to be excluded
> when running diff. 

> I vote pro fontconfig.

> Gerrit


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