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Re: fontconfig 2.2.0

Hallo Harold,

Am Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2003 um 15:31 schriebst du:

> Gerrit,

> Thanks.  Looks like this will be useful.

I didn't used the suggested generic scripts, just did ./configure &&
make && make DESTDIR=/tmp/... install && cd /tmp/... && tar cjvf
package.tar.bz2 usr/ && cp /var/www/htdocs/cygwin/... and scribbled
this short README.  The path layout isn't conform with the usual X
layout and so on, there are a lot of issues I didn't cared about.

> You are not intending to release these packages yourself, right?

I was not sure yet if the binaries are working at all.  Since I know
near to nothing about X, I won't be a good maintainer at all.  Though
the packages are building nearly out of the tarball (besides adding
the -no-undefined and running autoreconf there is only this little bug
with the missing exports which should be pushed upstreams).  But I
have still a lot of other packages on my plate and I'm always seeking
for maintainers to take these packages and maintain them.


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