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Re: [ITP] freetype2 2.1.5

Harold L Hunt II wrote:
Original from

Questions for other maintainers
1) freetype2 is built as part of XFree86 right now as a shared library, but configuring with --enable-shared and --disable-static doesn't produce a .dll when building the standalone tree.

2) Any tips for getting the standalone tree to emit a shared library? I tried relibtoolizing it (aclocal, autoheader, autoconf, libtoolize, forcing copy of files) to no avail.

Well, it's a bit confusing to me without actually running configure myself, but I can't tell if fontconfig really actually use autoconf/automake/libtool "the right way", or if instead it merely uses them to generate a JamFile for the 'jam' package building tool.

3) There is a warning coming from libtool:

libtool: link: warning: undefined symbols not allowed in i686-pc-cygwin shared libraries

Well, that's either (a) a warning that the relevant libtool link command line does not contain the "-no-undefined" flag, which indicates that the maintainer asserts that the library will have no undefined symbols at link time, or (b) an indication that, contrary to expectations, the library DID have undefined symbols at link time.

When I get a chance, I'll download your source and see what I can make of it. Ping me if you don't hear in a few days.


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