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Re: [Patch] Resizeable main window

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003, Frank Richter wrote:

> On 16.10.2003 22:29, Robert Collins wrote:
> > Before further review, I'd like you to correct
> > such abuses of C++.
> Done.
> Also, this patch is a bit more useful than the last one - the Chooser
> now sizes with the window.
> - f.r.

Okay, this does indeed give us a resizeable chooser -- yuppee!!!  The
header row still behaves weirdly under Win2k (i.e., it fixes on a
particular size and won't bulge until a scroll bar is touched after
switching views), but it's something that can be lived with.

Once this gets accepted, it would be relatively easy to make most other
dialogs resizeable.  One problem, as I mentioned before, would be with
items that need to be centered.

Frank, thank you *very much* for doing this.
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