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Re: [Patch] Resizeable main window

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003, Frank Richter wrote:

> This adds the ability to resize the main window, with support for
> facilities to adjust the size/position of child elements.
> Currently, it adds a thick border and maximize box to the main window,
> and dragging the border resizes the contained pages and adjusts some
> controls (in particular, the bottom right Back/Next/Etc buttons stay in
> the bottom right, and the top right Cygwin icon stays where it is.)
> Further work needs to be done to make everything "resize friendly", but
> it's a start.
> The changes have been made against the CVS version and tested on WinXP.
> The code utilizes some "less public" aspects of property sheets and
> makes certain assumptions on it's internal workings, so it *may* break
> on other versions.
> -f.r.


I've played with this for a bit, and it does allow resizing the window.
I succeeded in making a bunch of things resizeable by adding the
DefaultControlsInfo list (see below for exact changes).  I'm assuming that
if something is anchored on the opposite sides (left-right or top-bottom),
it's going to stretch along that dimension when resized.  FWIW, the three
lines below with URL in them make the mirror list selection dialog almost
fully resizeable.  One thing I couldn't do was actually make the chooser
resizeable (i.e., the one that started the whole rigamarole).  Notice in
the changes below that I'm anchoring the IDC_LISTVIEW_POS in the same
manner as IDC_URL_LIST, which should have worked, but didn't.  Do you have
an insight as to why?

Also, I didn't see any provisions in the code for handling more than one
element of a particular type (e.g., if there is more than one IDC_STATIC
control).  Does this mean that every control has to have a distinct
resource type?

Another thing I noticed was that when things were resized, the new sizes
weren't calculated quite right.  For example, when IDC_VERSION was made
resizeable in the vertical dimension, and the screen was returned to the
original size, the Version label still covered the text string below it.
 static ControlAdjuster::ControlInfo DefaultControlsInfo[] = {
   {IDC_HEADICON,       false, true,  true,  false},
   {IDC_HEADSEPARATOR,  true,  true,  true,  false},
+  {IDC_STATIC_HEADER_TITLE,    true,  true,  true,  false},
+  {IDC_STATIC_WELCOME_TITLE,   true,  true,  true,  false},
+  {IDC_VERSION,                true,  true,  true,  false},
+  {IDC_URL_LIST,               true,  true,  true,  true},
+  {IDC_EDIT_USER_URL,          true,  false, true,  true},
+  {IDC_BUTTON_ADD_URL,         false, false, true,  true},
+  {IDC_CHOOSE_VIEW,            false, true,  true,  false},
+  {IDC_CHOOSE_INST_TEXT,       true,  true, true,  false},
+  {IDC_LISTVIEW_POS,           true,  true,  true,  true},
+  {IDC_CHOOSE_VIEWCAPTION,     false, true,  true,  false},
+//  {IDC_STATIC,               true,  true,  true,  true},
   {0, false, false, false, false}

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