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Re: [Patch] Resizeable main window

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 03:13, Frank Richter wrote:
> This adds the ability to resize the main window, with support for 
> facilities to adjust the size/position of child elements.
> Currently, it adds a thick border and maximize box to the main window, 
> and dragging the border resizes the contained pages and adjusts some 
> controls (in particular, the bottom right Back/Next/Etc buttons stay in 
> the bottom right, and the top right Cygwin icon stays where it is.) 
> Further work needs to be done to make everything "resize friendly", but 
> it's a start.
> The changes have been made against the CVS version and tested on WinXP. 
> The code utilizes some "less public" aspects of property sheets and 
> makes certain assumptions on it's internal workings, so it *may* break 
> on other versions.

Ok. We've got a patch in train, but this one seems (on the surface) to
be less work - it's not altering which page first logic, which the other
patch has foundered on.

However, two things concern me: compatability given your remarks above,
and (relatively minor) C++ abuses.
For the former, can you place a snapshot (make snapshot :}) somewhere
(or Max or I can upload one to the cygwin setup-snapshots page), and
solicit feedback from windows 98/ME/NT/2K users?
For the latter:
constructs like :
memcpy (&PropSheetData.lastClientRect, &clientRect, 
+         sizeof (RECTWrapper)

are unneeded. PropSheetData.lastClientRect = clientRect; is the
appropriate way to assign objects. Likewise for constructors - memset is
not a good tool to use. Before further review, I'd like you to correct
such abuses of C++.

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