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Re: New package: fltk

A.R. schrieb:

> I'd like to propose a new package, fltk-1.1.4.
> The fltk homepage is at

Ok, here we go, I used these Makefiles to build dynamic libraries linked
against X.  You may also integrate the changes into the usual
Makefile templates, but I used these handcrafted files.  I used them
with fltk-1.1.4rc1, so there may be some additional problems with the
code I don't know about.

Since you have the native Windows version without X, maybe we can have
both versions now?  At least you can spot how I linked the dynamic libs.

In the patch included are:


* configure with:
./configure --infodir=/usr/share/info \
            --mandir=/usr/share/man \
            --prefix=/usr \
            --localstatedir=/var \
            --sysconfdir=/etc \
            --with-x \
            --enable-xft \
            --enable-threads \
            --enable-shared \
            --enable-gl \

Or use the according XFree86 directories to install?

* Then use the patched Makefiles to build it:
make -f Makefile.cygwin
make -f Makefile.cygwin install

Install will probbly need some tweaks to get it installed into 
another directory, e.g. /tmp/fltk, I just used the makeinclude.cygwin
file to define some different directories.

You need to have Xfree86, libpng, zlib and libjpeg in addition to the
usual devel tools like make, binutils and gcc and of course the cygwin
base with all the great utilities.

Check makeinclude.cygwin before using this patchset.


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