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RE: Vote for nfs-server

On 2003-10-15T23:48-0400, Robb, Sam wrote:
) > I pulled what's posted now and did a quick auto-review:
) Auto-review?  Do you have a script that does some packaging
) checks?

I have automated some of the tasks I perform before upload, including a
minimal set of packaging checks: Check for bindir, sbindir, libdir,
includedir, libexecdir, datadir (share), sysconfdir (etc), sharedstatedir
(com), localstatedir (var), infodir, mandir, docdir, and cygwindocdir
(Cygwin) to be in the expected locations. If any of them are not, it tries
to look for them in an unexpected location. If it finds a possible hit, it
raises a warning ("I think I found a layout problem"). It also checks for
the Cygwin-specific README and the required package documentation to be in
the expected locations.

That's it for the moment. I have a few "real life" things going on right
now, but if anyone is interested in discussing a more formal [possibly
automate-able] review process, that might be an interesting project. I'm
thinking (in terms of automation) about checking included .exe's for library
dependencies and verifying setup.hint matches; those sorts of checks.

Daniel Reed <>
"If you place a small value on yourself, rest assured, the world will
not raise your price."

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