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RE: Vote for nfs-server

On 2003-10-15T16:04-0400, Robb, Sam wrote:
) Rest assured, it's not abandoned - just delayed a bit :-)
) I just rebuilt for Cygwin 1.5.x last week, so there are
) new test packages up on my web site:

I just put nfs-server back in the PPL, counting this message as a new
proposal. I did not copy the votes/reviews over since the initial proposal
is the better part of a year old now (if the original voters are still gung
ho it should not be too hard to get the votes again).

) I wanted to take the time to look it over and make sure it
) fit with the new filesystem standards.  I honestly never

I pulled what's posted now and did a quick auto-review:

!!! I think I found a layout problem: mandir=/usr/share/man, but I found a man other than where I expected it:
!!! I think I found a layout problem: with-docdir=/usr/share/doc, but I found a doc other than where I expected it:
!!! I think I found a layout problem: with-cygwindocdir=/usr/share/doc/Cygwin, but I found a Cygwin other than where I expected it:
!!! Unable to find nfs-server-2.2.47.README or nfs-server-2.2.47-2.README in usr/share/doc/Cygwin/.

Daniel Reed <>
Punishment often increases the feelings of estrangement and strengthens
the power of resistance. -- Friedrich Nietzsche, German Philosopher

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