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RE: Updated: uw-imap, c-client

On 2003-10-11T17:48-0700, Abe Backus wrote:
) Ok, this time I've uploaded the correct files...

Last-check did not find a Cygwin-specific README in the expected location
for uw-imap. It appears there is a usr/doc/Cygwin/uw-imap.README in place of
usr/share/doc/Cygwin/uw-imap-2002e.README. I don't think this is a major
problem, but the next release should probably have it in the expected

Also, for the next release usr/doc/uw-imap-2002e/ should probably be moved
to usr/share/doc/uw-imap-2002e/.

c-client does not depend on having uw-imap installed, and does not include a
Cygwin-specific README, so it may be confusing to users who have c-client
installed without uw-imap.

I think these are all minor problems, but I'll hold off on uploading until
you give me another go-ahead.

Daniel Reed <>
"I don't believe in making something user friendly just for the sake of
being user friendly, though; if you're decreasing the users' available
power, you're not really being all that friendly to them."

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