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Re: Proposing TCM as a cygwin package


On 2003-01-27T12:16+0100, Daniel Bößwetter wrote:
) TCM 2.20 has been released last week (see
) and I have made source and binary
) packages for Cygwin now. At

This package expands into usr/share/doc/Cygwin/tcm-2.20.README and then a
bunch of things under usr/X11R6/ (usr/X11R6/doc/tcm-2.20/*,
usr/X11R6/man/man1/*, usr/X11R6/bin/*, and usr/X11R6/share/tcm-2.20/*).

This package has been pending for a *long* time, but I think I should ask:
Should it be reviewed by cygwin-xfree instead of cygwin-apps? does not mention placing binaries in any
location other than usr/bin/*, and at least one package has been redirected
from the cygwin-apps track to cygwin-xfree recently:

If this does fall under cygwin-apps since it is not an "X package" but a
"package that requires X", should the package be recreated with prefix set
to /usr instead of /usr/X11R6?

Either way, should there be a section in setup.html about Cygwin packages
that depend on Cygwin/XFree86, but are not part of Cygwin/XFree86?

Daniel Reed <>
It is so easy to miss pretty trivial solutions to problems deemed
complicated.  The goal of a scientist is to find an interesting problem,
and live off it for a while.  The goal of an engineer is to evade
interesting problems :) -- Vadim Antonov <> on NANOG

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