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Re: [ITP] distcc - without company disclaimer

PROBLEM distcc

On 2003-10-08T15:59+0100, John Morrison wrote:
) > sdesc: "A fast, free, distributed C/C++ compiler"
) > ldesc: "is a program to distribute builds of C, C++, Objective C or
) > Objective C++ code across several machines on a network" requires: gcc
) > category: Devel
) <>
) <>
) <>

One thing I noticed is that the documentation appears to be primarily in
usr/share/doc/distcc/, with copies of COPYING, INSTALL, README, and TODO in
usr/share/doc/distcc-2.11.1/. I believe all documentation is expected to be
in usr/share/doc/distcc-2.11.1/, but surely there should be no duplicates.

Also, the package includes the *directory* usr/share/doc/Cygwin/, but there
are no files in it. There should be a Cygwin-specific file either called
distcc-2.11.1.README or distcc-2.11.1-1.README.

The package also includes the directory etc/postinstall/, which is empty.
Not a hold-up, but if you are re-packaging anyway feel free to zap it.

The usr/bin/distccd.exe file has a library dependency on cygpopt-0.dll,
which my test machine does not have. The only dependency listed in
setup.hint is "gcc"; it looks like you might need to add either "popt" or

distcc.exe, distccd.exe, and distccmon-text.exe all have a dependency on
cygwin1.dll, which should require an additional dependency on "cygwin". It
might seem intuitive that a Cygwin package requires "cygwin", and that
listing it is just a formality, but some packages truly might not depend on
"cygwin" (such as pure-documentation packages or pure-script packages).

So, in the binary package, the documentation needs to be consolidated into
usr/share/doc/distcc-2.11.1/, a Cygwin-specific README needs to be created
in usr/share/doc/Cygwin/, and etc/postinstall/ should probably be killed.
In setup.hint either "popt" or "libpopt0" should be required, and "cygwin"
should also be required.

I have not reviewed the functionality. (I am unfamiliar with the distcc
utility, perhaps someone who voted for it? :)

Daniel Reed <>
"If you place a small value on yourself, rest assured, the world will
not raise your price."

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