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Re: Updated: perl-5.8.1-2, ready for upload

Hi Daniel,

> On 2003-10-09T13:56+0200, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> )
>  [...]
> ) system can handle Perl scripts."
> ) prev: 5.6.1-2
> ) curr: 5.8.0-5
> ) test: 5.8.1-2

> That setup.hint actually lists  The existing [live] setup.hint lists
> prev: 5.6.1-2                   prev: 5.6.1-2
> curr: 5.8.0-4                   curr: 5.8.0-5
> test: 5.8.1-1                   test: 5.8.1-1

> Existing versions are:
> perl-5.6.1-2
> perl-5.8.0-5
> perl-5.8.1-1

> New is:
> perl-5.8.1-2

> I think you want me to remove perl-5.8.1-1 and change setup.hint to list
> test as 5.8.1-2, right?

Correct.  I thought I updated my own version, sorry.

> Also, there was no new setup.hint for perl_manpages, and the only existing
> version is perl_manpages-5.8.0-5. Without an updated setup.hint, when I
> upload perl_manpages-5.8.1-2 I believe that will be marked as "current" in
> setup. Should I edit the existing setup.hint to list:
> curr: 5.8.0-5
> test: 5.8.1-2

Yes, please.

> or will it be alright for perl_manpages not to match perl? (Even if so for
> technical reasons, it might not look right stylisticly.)

And it will confuse the people if they read about features which are not
available with prvious perls.


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