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Re: [ITP] d 1.2.0

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Gerrit wrote:
> Another question, d shows the timestamps in GMT, not respecting my
> local TZ settings as ls does, can this be configured? (I haven't
> studied the docs completly yet, so forgive me if it is included
> there):

I passed this on to the upstream author (I've been in contact with him since before I first made the ITP), and he said it was his mistake, a problem with the code.  He's looking into solutions, so I hope there will be a fix coming at some point.

Now I just wonder which will come first, his update or the two more votes. :-)

BTW, regarding your other message about putting d.conf.example in the docs dir, I fixed that along with a few other minor things and will be uploading new tarballs shortly.  These are the new md5sums:

03049c73eb42ed5a79dd4d321f3fc87e *d-1.2.0-1-src.tar.bz2
ba8a54ea945be1b6a01de85317acf38e *d-1.2.0-1.tar.bz2

P.S.  Are there laws here against electioneering? :-)
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