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RE: Packaging GAP

> Hello,
> I am considering trying to package "GAP", a famous group manipulation
> package
> (  ). It is very large (full
> install is almost 300MB!), but does compile out of the box on cygwin
> with one tiny exception.
> I haven't tried to package anything before, so am currently reading the
> various guidelines.

I suggest using "Method 2".  I also suggest being *very* careful with the sample
script: *don't* do a "./ all" in your source directory or you'll lose
any changes you've made.

> But I thought I would ask early if such a large
> package would be accepted?

Just don't put it in the "Base" category ;-).

> Also, the tiny exception
> Part of the makefile does "strip gap", which fails due to the fact the
> executable is of course called "gap.exe". Many things in cygwin seem to
> work with or without the ".exe", so is this something that should be
> fixed at the "strip" end, or by fiddling with the configure script?

Probably at the script end.  New autotools use the variable EXEEXT, and would
specify that in the like:

  strip gap$(EXEEXT)

Then at configure-time, EXEEXT gets set to either nothing or ".exe" or whatever
as appropriate.  This is all automatic and you don't have to do anything if
you're using autotools, but if you have a hand-rolled configure you have to do
it manually.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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