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Subversion package maintainer

I have recently had to build a cygwin version of the Subversion client for my
own uses. It was time consuming enough that it made me wonder about the status
of rolling this project into a cygwin package. I would be willing to serve as
package maintainer if there is not someone already planning to do this. I
inquired on the Subversion developer list, and thus far everyone that has
responded would like to see it happen.

I ask here as a courtesy, is there already someone who has volunteered for this?
If not, I will. I have recently been through the process of building the
Subversion 0.30 release, which was fairly painless, all things considereed. They
seem to be actively trying to keep their code compatible with cygwin. I
currently am reading up on the newbie docs for how to prepare the packages.

Following the checklist, here is my proposed setup.hint for the package (the
requires is my best guess at this time, not 100% sure on it):

# Setup.hint for Subversion
#@ subversion-client # do I need this line?
sdesc: "Client for Subversion revision control system"
ldesc: "Subversion is a revision control system meant to improve upon CVS. It
has most CVS features, and adds the ability to version directories, renames and
file metadata. It has atomic commits - no part of a commit takes effect until
the entire commit has succeeded. Revision numbers are per-commit, not per-file;
log messages are attached to the revision, not stored redundantly as in CVS. The
commands have deliberately been kept as similar as possible to CVS to facilitate
ease-of-use of Subversion for those familiar with CVS.

This is a client only build."
category: Devel
requires: cygwin apache expat 

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