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libungif-4.1.0b1-1 [Was: libungif next release]

Hash: SHA1

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

| Neither did jgraph's.  I "fixed" it by changing the "conf" function
| in the script to just copy the files over to the build directory...
| Another alternative is to make symlinks, but that required more work.
| ;-)

Mhh, this was way more EVIL that I thought: being a _PROGRAMS line with
an included variable from configure automake didn't add $(EXEEXT) to it
and so libtool wan't activated...

I "solved" it adding \$(EXEEXT) to configure myself, this would break
almost anything that *doesn't* have an $(EXEEXT) probably, but who cares?
This is a cygwin package, and cygwin does have a $(EXEEXT) 0=)

It now works like a charm, or at least seems to me 0=)

size: 567391
sha1: 8ffaab5f2d4d63e14cf294e66967cae0304d127b
md5: 3510e39d38f1c317e7beffa68ea3f6c4
(whoa, 300Kb of sources.bz2 + 1.5Mb of patch ^_^)

size: 216101
sha1: e43c35d822bed17ceb4b584823b9e38adfdb2c26
md5: 0f373e4867f169a3a30515971d415f04

@ libungif
sdesc: "Libungif is a library for using uncompressed GIFs"
ldesc: "The libungif package contains a shared library of functions for
loading and saving GIF format image files.  The libungif library can
load any GIF file, but it will save GIFs only in uncompressed format
(i.e., it won't use the patented LZW compression used to save 'normal'
compressed GIF files)."
category: Libs
requires: cygwin
curr: 4.1.0b1-1
prev: 4.1.0-2

(having letters in the version I guess that curr/prev are "liked"?)

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