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re: graphviz (and doxygen?)

> Gareth Pearce wrote on Thursday, September 25, 2003 2:05 PM:
> >Also - I'm willing to (try to)update (and maintain there after) -
> >doxygen Preferably with graphviz to go with it.  This is assuming that
> >the position is open.  I've built 1.3.4 - and run it over a 90thousand
> >line project - using graphvis 1.10.0 'dot' - haven't noticed anything
> >odd yet.
> did you also tried to run it, if your sources and the config are located
> on a text mount? The old version gave hundreds of errors concerning a non-
> valid font, while the same sources (converted to Unix style) run fine from
> a binary mount.

I created a textmounted dir /textmount - copied my source files in there.
I used nano to save as dos, for a couple of source files and for my

I get no errors from the doxygen run itself - unless I turn HAS_DOT on.
However the web pages have no pictures.  It looks like its writing the
pictures to file without setting binary flag.

I'll see what I can find.

> >To build doxygen I had to force it to link with the system
> >libpng.dll.a instead of its own static libpng.
> IIRC that was because of changes Dimitri made to the png sources. But
> don't ask me what and why ...
> Regards,
> Jörg

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