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Re: HEADSUP: test packages

Hallo Corinna,

Am Samstag, 20. September 2003 um 17:02 schriebst du:

> Hi,

> a short `find' shows, that the following packages have "test" releases:

> - gcc           test: 3.3.1-1
> - gzip          test: 1.3.5-1
> - perl          test: 5.8.1-1

perl-5.8.1 isn't really released yet, a relase candidate will be
available shortly, I'll update the package to 5.8.1-2 as soon as the
RC is available (still will be a test release then).  perl-5.8.0-5 is
the current (and stable) release and will remain until the real 5.8.1
is finished and widely tested.

BTW, I have the db-4.1.25 finished, compiled with the test released
gcc-3.3.1, should it also be marked as test then?

> - aspell-dev    test: 0.50.3-1
> - gnupg         test: 1.2.2-2
> - gcc-mingw     test: 20030911-2
> - mc            test: 4.6.0a-20030721-1
> - cmake         test: 1.6.7-2
> - xerces-c      test: 2.3.0-3
> - nasm          test: 0.98.37-2
> - lftp          test: 2.6.6-1

> I'd like to see a feedback from the package maintainers, whether the
> test marker is appropriate or it's just a 1.5.x built package which
> is accidentally still marked test.


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