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/etc/profile, mk[passwd|group|group_l_d] messages

1.5.x goes current on 2003-08-23?

RE: 2.3-1 (was [update] base-files (2.2-1))

[ITP update] libgeotiff-1.2.1-2

[ITP update] proj-4.4.7-2

[ITP] cgdb

[ITP] Irssi

[ITP] lftp

[ITP] rxp-1.3.0 - a new package for review (XML parser)

Re: [ITP] wtf

[Package Update] zsh-4.0.7-1 and test zsh-4.1.1-1

[PATCH] Setup: clarify confusing antivirus log message

[Ready for test/1.5.1] a2ps-4.12-2

[Ready for test/1.5.1] cmake-1.6.7-2

[Ready for test/1.5.1] cvs-1.11.6-2

[Ready for test/1.5.1] cygipc-2.01-1

[Ready for test/1.5.1] cygutils-1.2.1-1

[Ready for test/1.5.1] fetchmail 6.2.2-2

[Ready for test/1.5.1] gdbm-1.8.3-6

[Ready for test/1.5.1] gnupg-1.2.2-2

[Ready for test/1.5.1] jbigkit-1.5-2

[Ready for test/1.5.1] jpeg-6b-10

[Ready for test/1.5.1] libiconv & gettext (many)

[Ready for test/1.5.1] libpng (many)

[Ready for test/1.5.1] mktemp-1.5-2

[Ready for test/1.5.1] pkgconfig-0.15.0-3

[Ready for test/1.5.1] postgresql 7.3.4-2

[Ready for test/1.5.1] procmail 3.22-8

[Ready for test/1.5.1] proftpd 1.2.9rc1-3

[Ready for test/1.5.1] python 2.3-2

[Ready for test/1.5.1] readline-4.3-4

[Ready for test/1.5.1] rebase 2.2-3

[Ready for test/1.5.1] tiff-3.6.0-4

[Ready for test/1.5.1] zip-2.3-4

[Ready for test/1.5.2] a2ps-4.13-1

[Ready for test/1.5.2] all my stuff

[Ready for test/1.5.2] coreutils-5.0.1-2

[Ready for test/1.5.2] fetchmail 6.2.4-1

[resend2] TEST/1.5.2 tetex-texmf-2.0.2-12

Re: [RFC]: Breaking out fontconfig and freetype into seperate packages

[RFU] new pcre packages

[RFU] pcre-4.4-1

[setup PATCH] Add icon to title bar

[setup PATCH] Comments 1

[setup PATCH] Comments 2

[setup PATCH] Fix ChangeLog

RE: [setup PATCH] SetDlgItemFont

[setup PATCH] Use vector instead of array to store PropertyPage pointer list.

Re: [setup PATCH] Use vector instead of array to storePropertyPage pointer list.

[setup PATCH] Work with gcc-3.3.1

[update] base-files

[update] base-files (2.1)

[update] base-files (2.2-1)

[UPDATED] perl-5.8.0 once again updated, please upload

a2ps compile problem against 1.5.2

Anyone investigating the apparent setup.exe problems reported in cygwin-at-cygwin?

Attention perl maintainer: pp_system () implemented via do_aspawn () faster ?

Away 2003-08-10 - 2003-08-18

Bad setup.hint: libkpathsea3

Broken symlinks in the terminfo package [Attn: Chuck]

Bug in lynx setup.hint? (was: Re: cygcrypto-0.9.7.dll)

Building setup.exe

Re: cabextract review (new URLs)

Re: cygipc-2.01-1

cygutils-1.1.4-* never announced (Attn: Chuck)

David Hudson/INV/CG/CAPITAL is out of the office.


FYI: CVS directories in the inetutils-1.3.2-23-src package



Fwd: Re: Incorporating .epsi files into TeX docs : failure

Interrupted setup and zombie mounts

Re: joe-2.8 - a new package for review

Last *.gz packages converted to *.bz2

less and more's setup.hint (was Re: man and cybpcre-0.dll)

libxml2: Packages changed without updating version number (at some time in the past)?

man and cybpcre-0.dll

May I upload packages?

micro-patch to generic-readme

Missing source package for tin-1.6.1-1

New cygwin-doc for upload

new perl-5.8.1 snapshot, please test

new version of CMake is out (which version of cygwin?)

Package for upload: lftp

Packages for upload: nasm (1.3.22 and 1.5.2)

patch to generic-build-script (updated to cvs 1.4)

Re: pcre-config missing from pcre packages

Pending setup patches (issue 16)

Perl 5.8.1 crash description

perl test release

perl-5.8.1 test release

Ping: [mknetrel suggestion] Move --enable-haifa from main script to extra/gcc2

Ping: [setup PATCH] Rework do_download [next_dialog removal (2b)]

please upload perl-5.8.0-4 & fix setup.hint

Re: Preremove section in

Re: RFD: A modest proposal #2: unsupported

A script to check integrity of installed packages

Re: Setup bug --- probably already reported and fixed, of course

Setup Query for Gary: FreeResource

setup.exe: always creating a /usr/src directory?

setup.hint question

setup.ini not updated?

Subscribers only...

Test packages, or lack thereof (was It's a snapshot)

test/1.5.1: lilypond-1.8.0-11

TEST/1.5.2 guile, tetex upload?

TEST/1.5.2: ash, bash, openssh, openssl, ruby, tin

Re: TEST/1.5.2: cpio, file, gawk, irc, login, openssh

TEST/1.5.2: cron, netcat, robots, sed, vim

TEST/1.5.2: cygrunsrv, mt, sharutils

TEST/1.5.2: guile-1.6.4-12

TEST/1.5.2: inetutils

TEST/1.5.2: lilypond-1.8.1-11

TEST/1.5.2: lilypond-1.8.1-12 bugfix

TEST/1.5.2: lynx, ssmtp, tcsh

TEST/1.5.2: tetex-bin-2.0.2-12

Re: TEST: patch-2.5.8-5

Update: wtf-0.0.4-1

Update: wtf-0.0.4-2

Update: wtf-0.0.4-3


XFree86 4.3.0 - 1.5.1 Preparation release

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