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[UPDATED] perl-5.8.0 once again updated, please upload


I'm sorry for all the inconvenience with perl the last days. As I was
in a hurry yesterday evening I didn't tested what I uploaded.
Unfortunately I missed to apply a part of the patch which reintroduced
another PERLIO problem which was already fixed in the -3 release.  So I
have again a new perl release now, this time with both fixes, the basic
PERLIO CR/LF fix and the binmode() fix from Don Slutz.  This fix is also
included in the main perl tree now as well as in the upcoming 5.8.1
release, so I never need to remember to apply it in the future.

Please Upload:

da0ea7aba7a648d2862febc790fb780b *perl-5.8.0-5.tar.bz2
43153b9b7fecbe6faa7f569907998445 *perl-5.8.0-5-src.tar.bz2
86b96284e4a7ffd87bde207733b21e1c *perl_manpages/perl_manpages-5.8.0-5.tar.bz2

The previous release (5.8.0-4) lacks the important patch and should be
deleted as fast as possible.

The old tarballs in perl_manpages/ could be removed, too.
setup.hint stays as it was besides the `current: 5.8.0-4` needs to be
changed to `current: 5.8.0-5`.

Many thanks,


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