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[ITP] Irssi

I'm considering maintaining Irssi, which I've been distributing
from since January.
Until now I only received a "bug" report, but it was about the
cygwin terminfo file, which has been fixed in 5.3-3.

Quoting the man page:

"Irssi is a modular Internet Relay Chat client. It is highly
extensible and very secure. Being a fullscreen, termcap based
client with many features, Irssi is easily extensible through
scripts and modules."

So, you can presumably install it pointing setup.exe to .

/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/irssi-0.8.6-20030709.README contains some
information. Irssi is modular (like LFTP), so we could have


and libfe_perl

in /usr/lib/irssi/modules/ , but it requires some changes, so
let's start without them. I'll first test the modules (with
Perl) on Linux, where they should compile OOTB, and see how it

A drawback without modules is that I had to use --with-proxy
--with-modules=proxy to enable the proxy support.

Not being a module it's always loaded, so better not ignore

Warning!! Password not specified, everyone can
use this proxy! Use /set irssiproxy_password
<password> to set it

when you start it for the first time.

I could just compile without it, but I feel some people may
want to use it.

Not an issue if it doesn't get included in Cygwin. A link in would be fine though. BTW, the
"micq 0.4.8" link is broken, so if you want point mICQ to .

Also, I really hope in the future GLib gets included in Cygwin,
so Midnight Commander, Irssi, and others can take advantage of
it and stop linking against the static libraries.

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