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Re: [ITP] lftp

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Mark Blackburn wrote:

> Frédéric L. W. Meunier wrote:
> >Also, I don't know if the following are mandatory for a port.
> >
> >1- You used --disable-nls. There are no translations and the
> >binary isn't linked against cygintl-2.dll. Personally I
> >couldn't care less since I don't use any and they waste space,
> >but...
> >
> I didn't use --disable-nls and configure seems to be trying to use nls:
> checking whether NLS is requested... yes
> checking for GNU gettext in libc... no
> checking for iconv... no, consider installing GNU libiconv
> checking for GNU gettext in libintl... no
> Do I need to install gettext or gettext-devel to use
> translations?

To use you just need libintl2, but to compile at least gettext.
I'm not sure about gettext-devel since most source packages
ship with the "compiled" translations (the .mo or .gmo files),
but you need it for CVS. I suppose you may also need the
libiconv packages. There are checks for it in the configure

Better wait Charles or someone answer. Or install them and see

> >2- You compiled it with a 1.3.x dll. strings doesn't return
> >_fstat64 etc. With 1.5.x it should support large files. I never
> >tested it for a number of reasons, like no available space.
> >
> >
> I may be wrong on this but I thought I had to wait for the libraries
> lftp depends on (openssl, readline and ncurses) to get compiled with
> 1.5.x before I compile lftp with 1.5.x.

All those already are, but again, I don't know if it's
mandatory to use 1.5.x for new ports.

> >BTW, I don't know if the following is a Windows limitation, but
> >I couldn't get anything downloaded with LFTP to store the time
> >from the server. I tested on FAT32 and NTFS. It does by default
> >on Linux, except on FAT32, where it behaves like in Cygwin.
> >
> This one sounds like it may be a little tricky. I'm going to put this
> one off for now (ie: it probably won't make into the first release).

I see. Maybe the author could take a look, after all it also
happens on Linux writing to a FAT32 partition, what I do a lot.

I don't know how ncftp, wget, and others behave. I'll test once
I boot on Windows if nobody does.

Midnight Commander preserver them. I once asked the maintainer

> >I thought ftp:use-mdtm (from CVS) would do something, but it
> >doesn't, and from the name it'd only for FTP.

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