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[Ready for test/1.5.2] a2ps-4.13-1

Hello all,

I have uploaded a2ps-4.13-1 package which is compiled against cygwin-1.5.2.
This package contains the latest version of the a2ps program. I also added
a C# style sheet to the standard package.

# a2ps-4.13 setup.hint
sdesc: "Formats files for printing on a PostScript printer."
ldesc: "Formats files for printing on a PostScript printer.

The format used is nice and compact: normally two pages on each physical
page, borders surrounding pages, headers with useful information (page
number, printing date, file name or supplied header), line numbering,
pretty-printing, symbol substitution etc. This is very useful for making
archive listings of programs or just to check your code on the bus."
curr: 4.12-1
test: 4.13-1
category: Text
requires: cygwin groff man psutils


    David Hudson | The Capital Group Companies |    
          Location: BRO | Extension: 51887          
 Outside: 714-672-1887 | E-mail:  
   [ Mailing: 135 S State College Blvd.  Brea, CA   
                  92821-5704 USA ]                  

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