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RE: 2.3-1 (was [update] base-files (2.2-1))

Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> John Morrison <> wrote:
>> Last update (fingers crossed!) for a while.

Oh well, not to be :)

> Uploaded.
> Would you also accept the following patch for your next release? It
> elliminates an annoying warning when /etc/profile.d/ doesn't exist.

<snip what="patch"/>

> Thanks,
> -- Elfyn

Patch applied Elfyn, thanks.  I changed it slightly to match
the format of the rest (if [ -d /etc/profile.d ] ;...) of the file

Also changed the /etc/[passwd|group] message based on feedback from
Pierre (Pierre; if it's still not right, feel free to email!)

Any more for any more? *GRIN*

I *really* hope all these changes will make it easier for
new users...





PS, are the md5sums useful in the email?

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