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[update] base-files

At last, a new version of base-files to try :)

There've been lots of changes (hence the major version
increment).  Please remember that this *WILL NOT* update
your current /etc/profile and the skel files *WILL NOT*
be copied unless you are a new user.

Thanks to (in no particular order)...
	Igor Pechtchanski (lots!)
	Elfyn McBratney (lots!)
	Kenneth G Lafond (colour changes)
	Max Bowsher (various)
	David Kilroy (printer)
	Corinna Vinschen (printer)
	Alan Miles (/usr/bin/install -D -p -v)
	Charles Wilson (MANPATH and INFOPATH) (FHS)

If I missed anyone, I'm sorry!

I've also added a test for id -ng = "mkpasswd" or = "mkgroup"
along with a message.  Hopefully this might cut down on the number
of "I have no user" messages :)

If there's a similar test I can do for UID "out of range" I'd
be happy to add that to.

Feedback welcome.

All the best,


------ files ------



sdesc: "A set of important system configuration and setup files"
ldesc: "A set of important system configuration and setup files"
requires: ash fileutils sh-utils textutils findutils sed
category: base

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