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Re: Attention perl maintainer: pp_system () implemented via do_aspawn () faster ?

Christopher Faylor wrote:

>>The cygwin subdir in the perl source tree contains a set a functions named
>>do_*spawn () which are based on the Cygwin spawnvp () call. That is 
>>presumably faster when all the parent wants to do is just start a new
>>process that in unix would be accomplished by a call to fork ()
>>followed by exec ().  Having in mind that fork is quite heavy in Cygwin
>>would it make sense to force pp_system () to be implemented via
>>the do_*spawn () instead of fork () + exec (). The can be done
>>by defining HAS_FORK && !defined (__CYGWIN__) in pp_system ().
>>Btw this is what Cygwin does in its system () call.
>FWIW, you can get almost the same speedup by using vfork/exec in cygwin.

Yep, but from what I understand Perl 5.8 removed the usage of vfork ().
So this why  is I suggested the solution via spawnvp () which is already


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