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Re: Broken symlinks in the terminfo package [Attn: Chuck]

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
Some of the symbolic links in the terminfo package break with
check_case:strict.  In particular, Eterm-color is a link to
"../E/Eterm-color" (capitalized directory name), and ncr260vt300wpp is a
link to "../N/NCR260VT300WPP0" (the whole filename capitalized).  I don't
actually use either of these, and found them in connection with a
different problem, but this looks like something that should be fixed

I think the only issue here is the capitalized directory name(s) E and N. ncr260vt300wpp -> NCR260VT300WPP0 is deliberate. The actual terminfo.src file had the following:

ncr260vt300wpp -> NCR260VT300WPP

where the only difference is case. This obviously breaks on non-case-strict. So, I added the '0' to the end of the capitalized version so that both names would be distinct on case-strict and non-case-strict.

But there's still the issue of the /N/ and /E/ dirs. Something wacky in tic.exe, I suppose...


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