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Re: setup.hint question

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, William A. Hoffman wrote:

> I am creating a version of cmake for cygwin 1.5.1, and I have a question
> about the setup.hint file.
> The problem is:
> curr: 1.6.7-1   - This the the current release that works with cygwin 1.3
> prev: 1.4.7-1   - This is the previous cmake release also for cygwin 1.3
> test: 1.6.7-2   - This is the test release that works with cygwin 1.5.1
> requires: libncurses6 or libncurses7 - This is the problem.  the cygwin
> 1.3 releases use libncures6 and the 1.5.1 version requires libncures7.
> What should I use?
> Thanks.
> -Bill


As far as I understand, no harm (except for some extraneous downloads)
will be done if you list both as dependences.  This is much less worrisome
than a missing dependence, so I'd say go ahead and list both.  When
1.6.7-2 becomes curr, you can throw out the libncurses6 dependence.
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