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[Ready for test/1.5.1] cygutils-1.2.1-1

This announcement is in two parts.  One details the differences between
this 1.2.1-1/cygwin-1.5.1 test release and the earlier
test release.  The second is a more generic announcement concerning the
changes in the test series (1.2.x) releases and the current (1.1.x)

---- differences from cygutils-1.2.0-1 ----

* recompiled against cygwin-1.5.1 kernel and cygipc-2.01-1 *shared*

* Moved documentation to /usr/share/*

* Because cygipc is now a DLL, we SHOULD list cygipc as a requirement for
cygutils.  But, I don't really want to force everyone who wants lpr.exe
to download cygipc.  So, I do NOT list cygipc as a requires: for this
pacakge -- it shouldn't matter, anyway: the other progs will be fine
without libcygipc, and the ipc tools don't work anyway if ipc-daemon2.exe
isn't running even if it IS installed.  But, the only way for
ipc-daemon2.exe to run, is if libcygipc is installed.  So, we're covered.

---- generic announcement about cygutils-1.2.x series ----

Updated and recompiled for 1.5.1 kernel.  There are a few

1. Documentation moved to /usr/share/*

2. Added ipcs.exe, ipcrm.exe (with man pages).  These programs previously
were part of the cygipc package. However, once cygserver is ready, these
should also be compile-able against it.  So, this is a forward-looking
addition.  At present, these apps are linked against the cygcygipc-2.dll
shared version of the cygipc library.

3. Ditto ipck script

4. Now actually compile the semtool, shmtool, msgtool, and semstat
programs.  Previously, because cygipc was not an official package, I did
not actually include these binaries in the distribution, even though the
cygutils source package contained them (they require libcygipc to build;
but should also work with cygserver when the time comes).  Again, these
apps are linked against the cygcygipc-2.dll shared version of the cygipc

Note that the ipcs and ipcrm source code is the version that originated
from cygipc, which is different from that provided in the util-linux
package on most linux systems.  Later on, I may consider switching over
to util-linux-derived code; but that can wait.
  Charles Wilson
  cygwin at removespam cwilson dot fastmail dot fm

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