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Re: [setup PATCH] Fix ChangeLog

Robert Collins wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-08-04 at 02:22, Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Robert Collins wrote:
>>> On Sat, 2003-08-02 at 21:01, Max Bowsher wrote:
>>>> 2003-08-02  Max Bowsher  <>
>>>>         * ChangeLog: Fix broken line-wrapping throughout. Remove "Ran
>>>>         automake" from 2003-07-26 entry - since there are no generated
>>>>         files stored in cvs, this was neither a change, nor needed to
>>>> logged.
>>>> Patch not sent, since it is long and boring, and the ChangeLog entry
>>>> it all.
>>> I don't see the point in this.
>> I like things tidy and accurate. I've already got the changes in a
>> copy ready to commit.
>> Any actual reason not to?
> Because 1) that ran automake line is there for a reason. (check the
> bz2lib and zlib directories),

Aha. What about this then:

* bz2lib/: Ran automake.
* zlib/: Ditto.

Thus preventing the misunderstanding I just demonstrated.

> and 2) I don't see whats untidy.

The broken line wrapping. (There are a number of lines wrapped to slightly
over 80 columns.)


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