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Re: Setup bug --- probably already reported and fixed, of course


Seems that you sent this to (notice no 's') and it hasn't yet shown up in the cygwin-apps mailing list, so I am sending it for you.


Larry Hall wrote:

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

I just uploaded XFree86 4.3.0 packages this morning. Some of the mirrors have gotten the updated setup.ini and packages already, while others have not.

In setup I have selected three mirrors:

The problem is that at least one of these mirrors has the updated setup.ini file, as the 4.3.0-1 XFree86 packages are listed and selected for installation. However, when setup downloads the packages it is not associating the actual file it is retrieving with the setup.ini from that site, thus it thinks that it is retrieving a 3293k XFree86-bin-4.3.0-1.tar.bz2 file while it is actually retrieving a roughly 13 MB file.

When setup reaches the size of the file that it thinks it is downloading, the % complete continues to grow above 100% (see link for screenshot at the top of the email). When the file is finished, setup reports that the download was incomplete and asks if I would like to try again.

I am sure that this has already been reported, yelled about, and fixed or refused. So, let me point out that I have absolutely no stock in whether this ever gets fixed, I am not asking anyone to fix it, I am simply reporting it so that such weirdness is fresh on the minds of people downloading the new XFree86 packages.

Of course, this could be due to some entirely unrelated problem, probably caused by me, in which case we can all ignore that I ever said anything. I will notify the lists in such an event ;)

Boy that Harold is quite a b*stard. He comes through here, complaining about this and that. Who needs him! Oh... is this on the list??? Eh-hem. Ah, let me rephrase. ;-)

Thanks Harold for this report.  Actually, I think this has been reported
before somewhat recently but there wasn't allot of information about the
cause.  So I think the link you've suggested between the packages and
the setup.ini files is quite useful.

I'm redirecting this discussion to cygwin-apps, since it's the list which
discusses setup issues.

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