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[Ready for test/1.5.1] ncurses (many)


* compiled against the 1.5.1 kernel

* Fixed a number of minor packaging errors (all readmes +were+ in
ncurses- and not split among the tarballs as the were intended)

* updated to the latest (20030726) official patchlevel
  - most of the earlier cygwin-specific patches have been folded in to
  those official patchlevels.  However...

* Added a lot of support for building shared libs using libtool (Thx,
Nicholas Wourms).  Unfortunately, I was not able to actually RELEASE the
libtool-built ncurses, for the following reasons:

   1) Requires Yet Another DLL rename.  cygncurses7.dll -->
   cygncurses-5.dll (or some other number; the ncurses maintainer does
   not use the same variable to set DLL versions when building
   non-libtool and when building libtool).  But simply the '-' is
   problematic, even if I make both numerals '7'.  Libtool insists on the
   '-'.  So, I figured I'd spare everybody another version split --
   especially as so many packages which depend on ncurses had been
   rebuilt against 5.3-2/1.5.0; to bump the version again so soon would
   require all of those to be rebuilt, which is really unnecessary at
   this time.  Plus, most of them were Corinna's and she's gone for the
   next couple of weeks.  I want 1.5.1 to go gold sooner than that...

   2) The libtool wrapper I released last week (with the
   "WANT_LIBTOOL_VER" environment variable) are *almost* right.  But not
   quite.  So, I need to release another set of wrappers before using
   them to build one of my maintained packages.

   3) libtool itself has a bug with multilanguage support and relinking. 
   The '--tag=<language>' is required...but libtool doesn't store the tag
   info in the uninstalled .la file.  So, when installing, libtool tries
   to relink the shared library, but without the --tag=CXX flag.  This,
   of course, fails.

So, *EVENTUALLY* I'll move ncurses to use libtool, but not just yet. 
However, my investigations led to a whole new set of patches, derived
from Nicholas's contributions, that should -- once libtool-wrapper and
libtool itself are fixed -- allow an immediate and painless (for me, ?)
switchover to libtool-based builds.

  Charles Wilson
  cygwin at removespam cwilson dot fastmail dot fm

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