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Re: Setup.exe: Mouse wheel

On Sun, 2003-06-01 at 03:27, Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:

> > Finally it's not obviously the Right Thing to do.  It seems to me
> > we'd want to trap those events and translate them in the rest of the
> > choose event loop, not as a special case.
> You mean in listview_proc()?  I tried that, but the mouse wheel events
> didn't seem to get there at all.

I've re-reviewed this, and it's definately the wrong place to do it. The
events can get forwarded from the chooser's window procedure to the
PickView for now IF they don't appear in PickView's window procedure -
there's definately no need for a new static in 
However, redrawing the chooser isn't the lightest task we do - we should
consolidate the steps into one adjustment rather than looping.

Finally, the PickView window procedure really should be receiving those
events - but IIRC the containing control needs to forward them based on
location. IIRC.

> The list view doesn't actually ever take the focus, at least the focus
> is never marked there and you can't click on the list view without
> changing some selection, except the scroll bars.  So handling those
> messages at the dialog level actually seemed a good idea to me after
> some consideration.

Yah, it's a bit blurry there what we should be doing. Long term though,
I think we want to handle all navigation events within PickView, and
only 'globals' like keep/curr/exp/prev within ChooserPage.

> What I didn't like in the code was that the interface of
> chooser->scroll() was not very abstract, using the event parameters of
> WM_[HV]SCROLL, that bit seems improvable.  I wasn't prepared to
> introduce interface changes in that class, though.

I'd rather introduce an appropriate interface change than a kludge.
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