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Re: new snapshot...

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Max Bowsher wrote:

> Robert Collins wrote:
> > I've uploaded a new snapshot (-402)
> ...
> > I'm considering moving that to release ASAP (because it fixes the /slow/
> > install time for new users), and then letting us spend some with the
> > resizable dialog, working any kinks out.
> Sounds good, but I think the pending patch list deserves a look before we
> branch. In particular Pierre's 2nd ntsec patch has languished there for 3
> months. I may take a look at the mouse wheel one, and I'll let Igor tell us
> about the status of his patches.
> As for me, I'm focussed on Gary-merging for the short term, so nothing from
> me to delay a release.
> Max.


Thanks for putting in a good word. :-)  I can forward port the patches
once they are approved (most changes should be in the line numbers,
anyway).  If the patches change significantly, I'll post them here for a
new approval.
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