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Re: Who's who of packagers?

I think cygwin-apps is more appropriate for what I wrote.

> How does one check who the maintainer of a package is; e.g.
> to make sure it is not oneself?

And how does one check who the maintainer of a package is ?

I was looking for the Links one. I had to check the January
2002 cygwin-announce archives to find

BTW, what's the status of this particular package ? Will it be
removed, updated, or replaced by ELinks ?

Anyway, I compiled 0.99pre8 and there were only 2 noticeable

1- Accentuation doesn't work (at least the ouput) without the
following change in os_dep.h (suggested a year ago by the
ELinks maintainer):

-#elif defined(_WIN32) || defined(__CYGWIN__)
+#elif defined(_WIN32)

Then I had to comment

 void terminate_osdep ()
        kill (w32_input_pid, SIGINT) ;

in win32.c because it failed to link. I'm not a programmer, but
that worked and also fixed another problem. Links froze / hung
when started from rxvt.

CC'ing the package maintainer if he's still alive. I already
sent a report to the Links maintainer.

irc is another package that needs to be updated (April 2001)
or replaced, IMO by EPIC or irssi. I use the latter on Cygwin.

Too bad I'm not a programmer, or I could volunteer to maintain

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