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Re: XFree86 Build for 1.5.0/1

Harold L Hunt II wrote:
> I have never subscribed to this mailing list before, but it looks like
> this is where the real business of Cygwin takes place.  I started
> reading the archives of the 1.5.0/1 discussion today and realized that
> some other people might be waiting for me to release an updated build of
> XFree86 for 1.5.0/1.  In any case, if I don't start working out the
> kinks of such a rebuild I will probably never get it right.
> Just wanted to drop a heads-up here that I will be starting work on this
> shortly.  I am now subscribed to the list, so you can reach me here or
> on cygwin-xfree with questions/suggestions.

I would suggest starting with XFree86-bin, since this contains all the
libraries, right?  Once the libraries are released, other people can
start compiling XFree86 packages for 1.5.x (or their own X apps).  The
actual apps can come along piecemeal after that, I think.

I don't think X apps compiled with 1.5.1 against the old 1.3.x X
libraries will work.

But, I am not a Cygwin expert (IANACE), so hopefully others on this list
will correct me if needed.


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