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[ITP] wtf

As per John Morrison's suggestion, I would like to contribute and maintain
wtf (

wtf(6) is a utility provided by some UNIX and UNIX-like systems including
Slackware Linux and NetBSD.  It translates acronyms and filename suffixes
by looking up the definition of a term in various databases.

I've added the OLOCA to the database directory (named %OLOCA to place it
first in search order).  There's also a perl script that can update that
file from the web version of the OLOCA (also requires wget), but since
this rule is totally optional (and won't be invoked in the default build),
I didn't put perl and wget as prerequisites for building wtf.  This is
mentioned in wtf.README as well. (also inline below)

sdesc: "translates acronyms and filename suffixes for you"
ldesc: "wtf translates acronyms and filename suffixes for you.

The wtf program looks-up the definition of a term. It supports a
number of definition sources. In this version they are an acronyms
database and qa filename suffixes database."
requires: cygwin
category: Text Doc

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