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Re: Proposal: psutils (again)

Hi Volker,

I got my source archive from a server in France, but I just noticed, that the author's "original" site is up again:

Here you can download the source, and it does *not* contain the Makefile. You probably have the Debian patched version. Maybe the Debian-patch cannot be reversed :)

"cmp" tells me that the source I used is the original version.


Volker Quetschke wrote:

Hi Daniel,

Well, beside the fact that you don't provide a patch to restore the
original source archive. This is the main (?) reason to provide the
patch, it is there to get back the official sources.

Grr @!%$, forgot to put it into the source archive again :) Fixed.

The original source archive contains a Makefile, which you removed.

No, mine doesn't. The original download site for psutils seems to be down for the past few days, so I got the source from a mirror. It did not contain a file named Makefile. Does your's?

Yes, it does ;-). I got the sources from: <>, there I found psutils_1.17.orig.tar.gz.

BTW, My first release of the source package contained a Makefile which I removed, because *you* (spotlight on :-) said it was *not* in the original source.

That was a misunderstanding, as "my" unpatched sources had a Makefile (that was different from your Makefile) I thought you overwrote it.

You also added the CYGWIN-PATCHES dir (This is good, but it's not
in the original sources. told me to. Isn't this the usual way to include Cygwin-specific stuff?

It is the correct way.

I attached a patch that IMHO does it right. I also "modified" the
already present $(prefix) variable that you now can do:

Looks good. I modified the Makefile.unix and README accordingly.

Fine, :-) I'll have a look later today. Can you give me a link where you found "your" original psutils_1.17 sources.


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