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Re: Proposal: psutils (again)

Hi Elfyn and Volker,

Elfyn McBratney wrote:

You also added the CYGWIN-PATCHES dir (This is good, but it's not
in the original sources. told me to. Isn't this the usual way to include Cygwin-specific stuff?

Yes it is. What I think Volker is saying is that the 'CYGWIN-PATCHES' directory wouldn't be removed (or added) by the patch you provided.

Hm, I'm using "diff -Nrup" ... if applied with "patch -p1" the directory is created and with an additional "-R" it is removed again.

Volker, does this solve the problem (now that the patch is included)?

I attached a patch that IMHO does it right. I also "modified" the
already present $(prefix) variable that you now can do:

Looks good. I modified the Makefile.unix and README accordingly.

I'm sorry I haven't updated the list regarding your package proposal, I will try and have an updated list out in a few hours (max) :-)

Are the URL's the same (for your above modifications)?

Yes: (64k) (53k) (5k) (1k)



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