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Hi all,

I am having a strange problem with qpopper.
I installed the inetd SSL version of qpopper.

Everything works perfect except on the POP server  itself.
When I get my mails from another computer, no problem, I can see in the
event log that the secure communication is established and mails are sent to
the client.
But when I try to get mails from a mail client on the server itself I have 2
errors in the event log :
* The  first one : I/O Error
* The second One : user_name at computer_name (ip_adress): -ERR POP EOF or
I/O Error

The problem itself is simple, when I get my mails from another computer,
qpopper is launched by SYSTEM and then everything works as expected.
Now, when I get my mails from the computer running qpopper, the process is
launched by the user who owns the mailbox and who may not have, I guess,
enough rights to act as SYSTEM does.

Is there a good reason why qpopper behaves this way ??
I don't really need a solution to this problem as the server computer is not
intented to get the mails but I just would like to understand what happens

If someone has an explanation, please, let me know ...



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