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Re: TEST: patch-2.5.8-4 (package maintainers, please note)

Christopher Faylor wrote:

Actually, now that I've generated a fix for the problem, as it turns
out, this *is* an issue for cygwin-apps.

Fixing the problem requires generating a new DLL with a new export --
fdopen64.  If there are any packages built which use fdopen they could
conceivably fail in the same manner as patch.  Sigh.

This means that we may have to go through the "rebuild packages" exercise
again for cygwin 1.5.1.  I will release a 1.5.1 version of cygwin shortly
after generating a snapshot.

I'll also rebuild patch, in Corinna's absence, fwiw.

David, I am very glad that you took the time to track this problem down.
If I had stuck with my original plan and let Corinna deal with it when she
got back, then there is a possibility that more packages would have been
ported and more people would conceivably have to duplicate some effort.

Grumble grumble. Well, most of the effort in my case were the surprise discoveries (new ABIs, having to split previously monolithic packages, etc).

A simple recompile and version bump is fairly simple, and quick.

So, if nobody minds, I am going to continue plugging away under 1.5.0, doing the "hard part" of the up-ports, until 1.5.1 is officially available. But don't be surprised if I don't update the comments in the READMEs this time...

In case anyone was wondering, my TODO list has been whittled down to

1. (redo) gettext to fix /usr/share/man problem -- postpone to

2. cvs

3. proj        -- still in "Pending Packages list"
4. libgeotiff  -- ditto

5. automake -- normal update to 1.7.6; unrelated to cygwin-1.5.x

And that's it. (Well, I imagine there will be bugfixes with cygipc-2.x after Jason recompiles postgresql, but I'll cross that bridge when it falls on me.)


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