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Re: Pending package status (11 Jul 2003)

* Fri 2003-07-11 Charles Wilson <> list.cygwin-apps
* Message-Id: <>
> Nicholas Wourms wrote:
>>> Right. Sorry. Just the using cygbuild (as apposed to gbs) is allowed.
>> While technically this is true, I really can't see the difference 
>> between the two.  For simplicity's sake, using a common script for 
>> method II would be most helpful.  I'm willing to do the conversion for 
>> gc & cabextract.
> Nicholas, you're not maintaining cabextract or gc; Jari is.  What 
> matters is what tool the actual maintainer wants to use.
> If you "convert" gc to build using gbs, how happy do you think Jari will 
> be to be forced to use what he considers an inferior tool?  How 
> motivated will Jari be to keep the packages up-to-date?

Oh, I don't mind if someone takes over maintaining the packages. 
It will be less burden to me with all my other projects.

The only motivation why I used hours to make cygbuild, was that,
If I ever intentended to build something to cygwin, I surely wanted the
maintenence to be as easy as possibly.

I believe I have achieved that with cygbuild. But of course, it's just
me. I cannot speak for others how they amintain their ports. I guess
anything that "makes life easier" is worth it, eh?

> Viva libre!
> We mandate the layout of binary packages.  We mandate that you must be 
> able to build the package on cygwin using freely available tools.  We 
> mandate that official packages may only depend -- at runtime, not 
> buildtime -- on other official packages (cygipc/postgresql 
> notwithstanding).  That's it.
> I welcome improvements to gbs.  But lets not march down the no-freedom 
> road; let Jari be Jari.

I'll be here as if I found more software to port, I'll sure hit my ey
on it, being a regular Linux Magazine reader :-)


Swatch  @time
Convert @time

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