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Re: Pending package status (11 Jul 2003)

* Fri 2003-07-11 Nicholas Wourms <> list.cygwin-apps
* Message-Id: <>
> wrote:
>> On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 03:34:38PM +0100, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
>>>>>@ cygbuild
>>>>>date   : 12 Jun 2003
>>>>>version: 2003.0612-1
>>>>>status : not reviewed
>>>>>notes  :
>>>>>votes  : 0
>>>>Umm, hasn't this been vetoed?
>>>No Chris withdrew his vetoe.
>> No, I did not withdraw the veto.  I have been vetoing this consistently
>> since before it even showed up in this list.
> Yes, I totally agree.  I can't understand why the maintainer doesn't 
> just use the script by Chuck?  Cygbuild is totally redundant.  Why 
> doesn't he merge any improvements in Cygbuild with it?  That would make 
> the most sense and allivate even more confusion...

The original build script that is available in maintainer's page is a
simple sh-script. I rewrote it in bash and added a perl module where
additional features and manual page is now maintained.

If I had seen that the basic sh-script could have been extended to the
direction I was hoping to use aport-tool, I would have provided
patches. Really, sh-script couldn't be easily extended, only few
tweaks here and there maybe.

To describe the two:

1. sh-script: simple, but you tweak it for every new package you
   port. You also maintain it for every package and new release made.
   (change version numbers etc.)

2. cygbuild: the core stays the same for all builds. No need to change
   anything for new versions of package XXX that one might port in the
   future. Knows Debian source packages and Perl packages and some
   other things. Module-type contruct (external scripts) can be used
   for "tough ports" if the basic configure/make/install does not do

For more information, see:

>From the manual one can see the differences.

It's just a tool to help with porting. If someone finds it useful,
please go ahead - if not, I'm sure sh-script will do the thing too.


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