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Re: [Ready for test/1.5.0] gdbm-1.8.3-4, libgdbm4

At 06:11 AM 7/20/2003 -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:

>I've just posted an *official* new release of gdbm to the main list.  I
>reverted my entire system to 1.3.22 status (no test packages at all), and
>rebuilt gdbm with Pierre's programs.  That's the new, curr: release
>Then, I moved forward again to all-testing-1.5.0, and put this package
>together (1.8.3-4).
>I bumped the DLL version number, so the two DLLs (cyggdbm-3.dll and
>cyggdbm-4.dll) can both coexist.  So un-recompiled programs that rely on
>gdbm (like cvs!) will continue to work with the -3 dll and all will be

Given that 1.8.3-3 and 1.8.3-4 contain incompatible dlls, isn't the
tradition to name the packages differently and have them coexist in
setup for a while (without default upgrading when in non-test mode)?

That way old applications can keep working when gdbm is updated
and rebuilding the databases is only necessary when the relevant
application (exim, cvs,...) is updated to use the new gdbm.


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