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Possible setup bug: downloading wrong src packages

Robb, Sam wrote:

> It looks like setup.exe is downloading the wrong source
> packages if a package has a "test" entry in setup.ini.

> You can confirm this by doing a default installation,
> setting the installation type to "Download from Internet",
> and asking setup to download the source package for
> zlib-1.1.4-1 (for example).

I saw a similiar thing today. I wanted to install the gettext-devel _BINARY_
I failed to select the Exp radio button and instead I just used the category
to cycle trough the different version for gettext-devel. Each time I ended
up with
libgettextpo package being selected for installation i.e. when I went to the
view I could see libgettextpo selected for installtion. My setup is

Btw I recall that in the past I've reported some kind of setup misbehaviour 
in conjunction
with _SOURCE_ packages. Unfortunately I don't have any other recollections


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