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Re: [SetupXP] Minor res.rc changes.

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
>>> * res.rc
>>> (IDD_SPLASH): Move icon.
>> Actually, you just changed the width.
> Indeed.  Not sure what happened there.  Remember that those entries are a
> old, I may have un-changed things in the interim.

OK, but please work out what you actually want to change, or remove the
change entirely.

>>>  Change commented-out "white box" static control to a black invisible
>> No, revert this. The "white box" is there for a reason,
> The white box isn't there at all, it's commented out.

Yes, but it can be easily re-instated, and it is the right size.

>> and adding an
>> invisible control (of a totally different size!) accomplishes nothing.
> It makes it available for future development, i.e. subclassing it so that
> actually does its originally intended job, displaying a graphic of some
> in that big blank area.

Code changes are required anyway, so what difference does it make between
having it commented, and having it invisible? Plus, your new control is the
wrong size. I don't see that your change brings an benefit at all - have I
missed something?

>> Also, though I really like the idea of a "Finished" page, I'm not
>> convinces that it should be merged with the "Create Icons" page. What do
>> other people think?
> This is how many, if not most, standard Windows installers do this, along
> things like "Read README" etc.

OK, I was a little worried about running out of space on this page, but
looking again, I think we can move things around to gain room for future

Please change "Create Icons" in the caption to "Finished".


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