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RE: [SetupXP] Minor res.rc changes.

> | * res.rc
> | (IDD_SPLASH): Move icon.
> Actually, you just changed the width.

Indeed.  Not sure what happened there.  Remember that those entries are a bit
old, I may have un-changed things in the interim.

> Widths of 21 and 20 are used at
> various places in res.rc. I don't know why. If you can work out which is
> correct, please send a patch updating all uses to it. But, please don't
> change only a single instance.
> |  Change commented-out "white box" static control to a black invisible one.
> No, revert this. The "white box" is there for a reason,

The white box isn't there at all, it's commented out.

> and adding an
> invisible control (of a totally different size!) accomplishes nothing.

It makes it available for future development, i.e. subclassing it so that it
actually does its originally intended job, displaying a graphic of some type in
that big blank area.

> | (IDD_DESKTOP): Move controls.  Add Cygwin icon.
> Actually you moved, not added, the Cygwin icon.
> Also, though I really like the idea of a "Finished" page, I'm not entirely
> convinces that it should be merged with the "Create Icons" page. What do
> other people think?

This is how many, if not most, standard Windows installers do this, along with
things like "Read README" etc.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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