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Re: exim and gdbm

At 10:14 PM 7/18/2003 -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
>>>>>Bad news:
>>>>The new gdbm library can't open old gdbm files because
>>>>an internal structure has changed size.

Yep, I knew you would say that.
>>>>Good news (at least for exim users):
>But that is certainly not true in general.  


>> Ah, the postinstall script could try to gdbm_open the files
>> and delete them on failure (e.g. using /bin/exim_dumpdb). 
>> Strictly speaking it should be in the gdbm postinstall.
>Hell no.  How would I know which files to delete?

Well the various maintainers would contribute a module 
that you would include. But I don't think it's practical.

>As I said, gdbm is withdrawn.  When I re-release a 64bit version, I'll
>bump the DLL version.  That way, existing programs will continue to use
>the old cyggdbm.

Good idea.

>Plus, with some luck or help, I can write a program that dumps a database
>to an interchange format.  executable #1 is linked to the old gdbm dll,
>and is used to write the database out to interchange format.  executable
>#2 is linked to the new gdbm dll, and is used to read the interchange
>format in, and save out to a new gdbm file.

Writing such a program should be easy. I have messed with gdbm when
I wrote the glue logic to interface it to exim. I will get you something
this weekend.


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