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Re: Aspell review (was Re: Pending package status (14 Jul 2003))

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> > Anyways, yes import/static libs and headers go into the -devel
> > package. Including libtool files...
> In that case, I'll update the build script if I have the time before
> Gareth comes back from skiing (i.e. if I have some more compiler-waiting
> to do)
What lunch breaks can be good for..

The setup.hint files:

9a7bbe90a1ff06f42b842ce3a605ea83 *aspell-bin.setup.hint
eec21720ec52f0464236c0c1b4d55031 *aspell-dev.setup.hint
4bd57f694f2777bdbb97f19a865b8ce1 *aspell-doc.setup.hint
20ab8034e5d9afd0fc0b605051fb4994 *libaspell15.setup.hint

The archives
790e431d9aed37f21d079ad16a5f67b2 *aspell-0.50.3-1-src.tar.bz2
9d2af8cb8fc81a8056ef9f5950e680b7 *aspell-0.50.3-1.tar.bz2
167a1854a55bc1cabe0ecd7603a82b83 *aspell-bin-0.50.3-1.tar.bz2
0cba4abbd406aa1371297ce46e4d7085 *aspell-dev-0.50.3-1.tar.bz2
612722c31f025037a11070f6f33e934c *aspell-doc-0.50.3-1.tar.bz2
40fb0eeb91ef8200aed12756ba25ff20 *libaspell15-0.50.3-1.tar.bz2

Libtool file and import library has moved to the right place and the 
ncurses requirement is updated in the .hint file.

The README has been updated as well.. I don't think I forgot anything 

Note that the build is against 1.5.0

Whn Gareth returns from his vacation, he'll probably want to take a look 
at this, but I think everything is in order now..



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